March 14th, 2003

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This doesn't have much to do with U2, buuuuuuut:

I've been looking for a way to volunteer in Africa to help with the AIDS crisis and I've just found out about a South African orphanage called God's Golden Acre and they need volunteers!

So I just emailed them and told them I was interested in volunteering this fall.. so I'll keep ya'll updated!

When I'm beside her...desire...

Hopefully this post won't offend anyone. But you can't deny that U2 have provided us with several songs that play very the bedroom!

It might be a tune just to snuggle down to...or a beat that gets you going...

...what's your favourite U2 song for...err...'intimacy'?

Poll #112559 U2 Shaggin' Songs

What's your favourite U2 song(s) to play during sex...and other intimate activities...

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