March 16th, 2003

Mark McKinney in KITH

Ultimate Band?

In yesterday's Daily Star Dominik Diamond said the ultimate band had been polled, (from a bbc radio 6 poll) and the results were:
on guitar: Jimi Hendrix
on keyboards: Chris Martin from Coldplay
on drums: Keith Moon
on bass: Flea
on tamborine and for general mad dancing: Bez from Happy Mondays
on vocals: Bono

But Dominik said it something like this "and the surprise of the results was on lead vocals: Bono. You'd think the acoustics would be terrible what with his head being so far up his own arse" heheh

Not a bad band i think, dunno who'd get to write the songs, but i think chris martin would probably let Bono do it
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R4 (Australia) Boston DVD

Can anyone (probably only Aussies) tell me if...

1. On the Region 4 version of the Elevation Tour in Boston DVD has the 2nd "hidden easter egg" of the Bono-cam "Until The End of the World" on the Disc 2...?

2. If do you access it??

I can get the Bono-cam version of Elevation fine. But the instructions for finding UTEOTW (as for the R1 DVD) don't seem to be working for me.
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