March 21st, 2003


Just for fun (im no good at polls)

Just wondering what you guys think who really shines on which album? Here are my picks:
Bono- He really comes through on Joshua Tree. At this point, his lyrics were peaking and was being recognized as a songwriter up with the likes of Michael Stipe, Lou Reed and dare I say, Dylan?

Edge- My fav album where he takes guitar playing to a new level is Zooropa. I know this is very much debatable but as for what I like in Guitar, this really does it for me, besides he got to do Numb, and before that, it was only Van Diemens land and Seconds

Adam- He really shines on Unforgettable Fire. I love his Thundering Bass lines on that album. My fav Bass line is Indian Summer Sky. I can listen to that over and over

Larry- I would have to say Boy as well as the independant projects (like passengers) In Boy you can really tell the degree of experimentation in his drumming that is awesome and is just like an unpolished diamond at that point. Also my fav. drum line is in Stateless. Just brilliant

How about you guys? Remember Albums not songs but do feel free to give props to your fav. songs also
i.e. Larry gets Boy but who can forget Sunday Bloody Sunday?
Trash Edge

And We Have A Winner . . .

Greetings! I have chosen a name at random from the 12 replies I got for the Bruce Springsteen bootleg.

The winner has been notified.

Stay tuned here to ZOO TV for another give away soon.

By the way - the correct answer to the question - Who is the greatest band ever? - U2

No one who entered got the answer wrong.

Hmmmmm. Interesting.


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I'm trying to convert my friend into a U2 fan. She says that Elevation spoiled U2 for her.
" 'a mole, digging in a hole, digging up my soul?' Please!"
So I e-mailed her the lyrics to Acrobat and Love is Blindness. She says she likes them both...does any one have suggestions to what songs I should make her listen to?
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