March 27th, 2003


Bonos best lyric?

I want to know what lyric really hits home to you guys. Not the objectively "best" lyric, but the lyric that is really personal to you. you can post as many as you like.
Heres mine:
I cant wait any longer
I cant wait till im stronger
I cant wait any longer...
My whole life is in that lyric...thats bonos genius at play...
celtic hearts

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Crosspost from my journal:

All afternoon I exposed my neighbourhood to U2. I played the best of at top volume in my car while painting my dressers in the car port.

Later on, while Rattle and Hum was on a cop drove by and circled the block and stopped and got out of his car, I was like, "OH SHIT! I'm going to get a stereo ticket" so the cop comes up to me and says, "I LOVE THIS ALBUM!" And I was like.. oh thanks.. he's like, "Keep rockin' the hood with good tunes." And I said, "Yes sir!"

And that is my story.
My Backwork

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The TV show "Scrubs" was pretty cute tonight.
The girl doctor was looking at U2 cd's and she said, "I love U2" and her boyfriend thought she meant "I love you too". It was played on through the whole show. Made me giggle. My license plates say "Love U2"