April 6th, 2003

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Hello everyone. I am writing a paper for my Mass Media and Society class about how U2's reputation has grown into what it is today, specifically it's growth in the last five years. A huge part of the research method I am using is including information from fans of the band. This is where you guys come in:)

If you are interesed in helping me out, please email me at monpetitchou@hotmail.com and put "u2 research" in the subject. I have a questionnaire I will send out to everyone to get your feedback. The more information I collect, the better my paper will be, so please take a few minutes to help me out! I promise I won't make the questionnaire to long or boring. Besides, it's always fun to talk about a favorite band:)

I hope to hear from many of you guys soon, and have a great day!
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Okay... sorry for all these posts, but this was too funny not to share.

Anyway, last night I introduced my seven-year-old niece to U2 by way of my desktop wallpaper (which, obviously, features U2.) She wasn't quite sure who they were, so referred to them as 'them guys' and each individual as 'that guy'. She was very critical of their looks (especially of their hair) and her comments had me cracking up.

On Edge: She told me that he needs glasses (and was very adamant on this fact). Also, 'he needs more hair instead of that stupid hat.' (hahaha!)

On Larry: 'He needs more hair.' (Apparently, Larry can't be improved much, hmm?)

On Adam: 'He needs to grow his hair really really long, like Rapunzel, but straight up!' (This one really made me laugh)

And... well, she didn't say anything about Bono, as far as I heard.




I want to print out some U2 lyrics to put up around my dorm room over here in Nashville....

What do you all suggest?

(I know "dream out loud" is my first one :^)
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Someone asked earlier to post some points from U2: Rattle and Hum that I (others) thought were interesting. Here's my list.

#1. Sunday, Bloody, Sunday is the best performance on the DVD! It sent chills up my spine and Bono's speech was chilling. Although it's towards the end of the DVD, it's the best performance I thought. On a personal Larry note, just once I'd like the camera to get a shot of just the drums throughout the song so we can see exactly how Larry does it.

#2. With or Without You was a great performance and the cameras were incredible shooting it.

#3. The band during interview spots were funny. In the interview after Desire: Larry mocks Adam's hand movements.

#4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was great w/the gospel choir.

#5. Larry was too cute blinking during pics.

#6. Angel of Harlem recording had Larry messing up and Bono calling him Laurdence and picking on his feet.

#7. Backstage Larry "takes charge" before performing When Love Comes to Town w/B.B. King. The band has a great chemistry w/him.

#8. Graceland visit took my breath away. Larry was acting like a lil' boy. Larry on the Harley was great. While talking about his feelings about Elvis being buried in Graceland, Larry gets choked up and emotional. All in all the Graceland segment was fantastic.

#9. It shocked me to see Larry in such great spirits and smile a lot back in that era.

So those are my favorite points. Not in exact order, but I hope it helps. This DVD is a must have for any U2 fan!
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New member here :)
Name's Dani, I'm 19, and from New York.
Huge U2 fan; have been for a few years now.
I've had a bit of a melancholy weekend, but used the alone-time wisely by playing The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby over and over and over :)
Currently, my favorite song is "Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World", but it changes pretty frequently.
I'll be in Ireland next spring, with my best friend for a semester abroad, and we've managed to convince ourselves that we're going to randomnly meet the lads on the street somewhere. Heh.
Anyway, I'm glad to be here, and look forward to reading/posting entries!