April 18th, 2003

curiosity killed the cat

so this is my first 'official' post here... *waves to everyone*

does anyone happen to have or know where i could find the Gaelic that Colin used to introduced U2 on the Oscars? (i don't even dare try and spell it cos my spelling is bollox)

thanks :)

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Something a local alternative writer had written which I found particularly interesting:

"I tuned out as Deepak Chopra regurgitated his Oprah-friendly platitudes, and tried to bilocate myself to the UN, where Bono of U2 made an impassioned, highly articulate plea for debt relief. For his fire and commitment, artistry and talent, his un-gimmicky willingness top ut his fame in the service of humankind, for the fact that he has never put out a bad album or sold out to commercial interests, and the amazing rockstar fact that he's been married to the same woman forever, I nominate Bono for the Nobel Peace Prize."

- Jessica Zafra, 14 Sept 2000

Cool huh? I TOTALLY AGREE!!! *feels proud of both Bono and Zafra*
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