May 8th, 2003

Floating Rocks

Happy Birthday, Mister MacPhisto!

I was visiting just a moment ago, browsing through the latest news headlines, when I happened to notice a rather interesting article on the "This Date in U2 History" sidebar... on May 7th, 1993, 10 years ago yesterday, MacPhisto was born!

May 7, 1993: U2 rehearses - Bono creates MacPhisto

U2 play a dress-rehearsal for the upcoming European tour in front of a small group of fans in Rotterdam. Bono creates a new character for the European tour, and wears a red version of his black, leather "Fly" outfit. When the tour begins, this new character would be called "MacPhisto" and would not wear the same costume tried out tonight, instead donning a gold lame suit and devil's horns.

Happy Birthday, Mister MacPhisto... you old devil, you!

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Cartoon Blonde

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Pick a band and answer using only that band's song titles...
I picked U2

Are you male or female?: Miss Sarajevo
Describe yourself: Lady With The Spinning Head
How do some people feel about you?: Hallelujah Here She Comes
How do you feel about yourself?: Big Girls Are Best
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest/spouse: Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Where would you rather be?: Where The Streets Have No Name
Describe what you want to be/do: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Describe how you live: Some Days Are Better Than Others
Describe how you love: All I Want Is You
Share a few words of wisdom: Peace On Earth

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Trabbies are back!!

From atu2

May 07, 2003
posted by: m2

This week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us: a German company is bringing back the Trabant. The firm Sachsenring has launched a new version of the legendary fiberglass car and plans to promote it in Africa as the AfriCar. Former Trabant owners and U2 fans everywhere would probably agree that the Trabant is best used as a rock tour light fixture, and/or as a lobby installation for large, forward-thinking

trabbies hold a special place in my heart because most of my family comes from what used to be East Germany. Horrible cars to drive though. So yes, they are best used as rock tour light
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