May 12th, 2003

An interesting note....

For those of you wondering about my last post regarding Bono and the Nobel committee, here is an article which may put some of you in dismay over the committee. I do hope Bono will win this year. He is a true statesman who pushes for peace with no personal gain. He's used his own money and tirelessly traveled the world for peace.,12271,855588,00.html

I really hope he gets it.....

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Me (new)

Needed for school project

Bono pics
good quality, not 'icon' sized (ie, not teeny tiny)
from early years until now

PLEASE HELP...i can't pay for any of them (I am very very very poor...note the THREE very's) but you would have my undying gratitude...if you can help, either leave a link to a page in a comment here, or email me links/pics at

Thanks SO much!! And yes, I *am* doing my own searches online :P

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