June 3rd, 2003

Angels in America

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Hey everyone. There's a quick mention of Bono in Time's newest issue, in this giant article on Radiohead:

Rock is used to front men like Bono (who wants to throw his arms around the world) and Mick Jagger (who wants to throw his legs around the world). But Radiohead's lead singer, Thom Yorke, would just like the world to behave.

Nothing else U2-y beyond there, but I thought it was cute and worth sharing. And it's a good article on Radiohead, if you're a fan. :D
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AD // hop-ons

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Wedding bells for Burns & Turlington.
June 3, 2003 | Edward Burns and his supermodel girlfriend Christy Turlington may finally be tying the knot. The new Us Magazine reports the two will wed Saturday in San Francisco with U2's Bono walking the bride down the aisle. Burns and Turlington called off their planned 2001 nuptials but reunited in 2002.
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Mark McKinney in KITH

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Bono was at the Monaco F1 GP!

It was a surprise to see him on the grid walk, the reporter was going around the cars, and then the camera suddenly shows bono walking by her!, he said something like:
"It's very rock and roll, F1"
"are you a fan"
"not really, my kids are, thats why we're here. We're all very proud of Eddie Jordan" (Irish team director of Jordan F1)

Would have been great if Martin Brundle had interviewed him instead, when he interviewed Bryan Adams a couple of years ago that was great: so cheesy

Both my heroes, Schumacher and Bono on the same stretch of tarmac! excellent

Plus it was a good race, won loads of money :)
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