June 5th, 2003

phoenix rising

two hearts beat as one

if ever there was a perfect song for this morning...

driving to work this morning i heard '2 hearts...,' which is ironic because i had to leave my boyfriend, who's visiting, on the couch for 8 hours, and kissing him goodbye was like pulling teeth.

i think the G106.3 people have a hidden camera in my house.
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Ahh, it's kinda funny how when you're supposed to be doing other things (in my case, I'm supposed to be writing a paper now), you find a U2 community! Yay!

Anyway, I've been a fan for a god-awful long time now, and June 3rd was 6 years to the day that I saw U2 on the Pop Mart tour at Giants Stadium in NY/NJ. I haven't been to any other shows yet (shame shame), but I hope to again in the future. Well, I geuss I'd better be off for now, ciao! ^_~
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