June 6th, 2003

lightning like me

At laaaaast!

Woohoo...after months of intense watching of my local music shop...today I find that the "Best of 1990-2000" Music/Guitar book as been released! Sweet! And, yay, they included "The Fly" in it!

Now all I need is to find $(AUS)50 so I can buy it...(***rip off!***)...and another $25 for the POP music book. Mmmmm...yumminess.
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    Mysterious Ways - U2

Oh man, I was THIS close ...

So I just found out Bono was in Seattle this week for a DATA board meeting.


Why couldn't I have known about this before the fact? Not like I would have known where to even start looking for him, but I've never gotten the chance to actually even have the remote possibility of running into my favorite rock star. *g*

It's probably for the best; I'd just have gaped at him like a moron, anyway.