June 10th, 2003

i'm such a pest, but...

is there any truth to the rumor that when kristy turlington and ed burns wed, bono walked her down the aisle (in place of her late father)? i'm aware that turlington's father died years ago from what i think was lung cancer (because i remember commercials she's done where she's pledged never to smoke again), which made bono walking her down the aisle possible. if it's true...i find it ironic because bono's a smoker as well...
phoenix rising

little help?

i'm making a list of songs for my u2-challenged boyfriend to download, since he's started to get into the music more. (thanks to me)

he's got the joshua tree, war, and achtung... any ideas what to put on the list???

let me know!
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phoenix rising

the list

alright. taking the comments into consideration, here's the list so far. i want to keep it to about this size so he can make a cd out of this if he wants to... i tried to keep it to stuff he either hasn't heard and doesn't own or stuff that i really really love:

i will follow
out of control
the unforgettable fire
angel of harlem
helter skelter
sweetest thing
electrical storm/william orbit remix
slow dancing
walk to the water
hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

what do you think?
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Among The Greatest Non-U2 Concert Moments EVER!

Coldplay. Chicago. Last Night.


These guys are gonna be as big as U2 someday. Mark the words!

But on to U2 - Went to the Hall Of Fame about 3 weeks ago. Been so busy since returning that I haven't had the time or energy to report.

I have to say that The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame really could have done a bit of a better job with the exhibit. I wasn't disappointed necessarily, just underwhelmed.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but the one comment I either made or overheard the most was "I have that (whatever memoribilia item was seen)" or "So and So has that).

Seeing Larry's first drumkit was really cool. Seeing the hand written lyrics for "Bad" brought a lump in my throat, and I had to stifle a tear or two.

But where was the LEMON, man?! Or, when did they ever ask the fans what we wanted to see?

But what ever! I was something I just HAD to do. At leats I was only an hour away. We were at Cedar Point riding rollercoasters and chose the rainy day to go to Cleveland.

So, that's about it. I have a couple of pictures, but it's only the outside of the building. The made us check our cameras. But, rebel that I am, after I claimed my camera, I snuck a shot of the ZZ Top car from the "Legs" video.

chuckle chuckle chuckle

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"Origin of the Species"(snippet?)

Okay...the alleged 30 second song snippet of a track in progress called "Origin of The Species" has been declared...completely false. The track that supposedly leaked onto Italian radio was taken from a German band's album.

Somebody did nail it right on the head when they said that the snippet reminds them of Journey's Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" song from one of the legendary Rocky movies. That's a good call...although the 30-second snippet reminds me of the likes of Simple Minds.

Definitely, no "Origin of the Species" just yet. Expect more real 'leakage' to come in the next few months....