June 16th, 2003

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my cousin is currently visiting from oregon right now and i was looking through her photo album from her honeymoon in which she went to england and ireland and in it she had pictures of bono's hangouts. it was so awesome that i made copies of the pictures and i decided to make a u2 scrapbook since we were scrapbooking the other night. i am trying to think of u2 related things to include (example: lemon) so if anybody has any ideas post them for me =).
she was also telling me about how she went to the taping of streets and she met adam. she said that he was totally awesome and that she had a million pieces of paper and he autographed them all. he also told her that the radio stations weren't supposed to announce it like that but they decided to use it anyway. after that he took her and her friends in to see bono's trailer and she found a penny on the ground in there which she has to this day. i was in awe! i am so jealous!
when i was watching my best of 1990-2000 dvd i came across some videos that i wasn't sure if anybody else has found yet. they are nowhere on the menus but if you press stop twice and then push play you get about 5 other videos such as the 'one' video with bono at the table with a heinakin and a cigarette. i was wondering if anybody else has come across this and if not check it out. i don't know if it's some kinda 'secret' or if it's just me being a dumbass not being able to find it anywhere on the menu. i know that there is bonus videos on the menu but these ones are different.
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Some Ad Slogans from Zooropa

"vorsprung durch technik". "lead through technology"- Audi, Germany.

"Be all that you can be" - American Army

"Be a winner" - England lotteries

"Eat to get slimmer" - SlimFast

"A bluer kind of white" - Persil/Daz

"Fly the friendly skies" - United Airlines

"We're mild and green, and squeeky clean" - Fairy Liquid Mild Green

"Better by design" - Toshiba

"We've got that ring of confidence"- Colgate"
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I'm still surprised as to how practically NONE of the live performances from the Music Cares Award 2003: Love Rocks ceremony that honored Bono with a Humanitarian of the year award has not surfaced on the net anywhere besides the very short clips from CNN's website. Actually, the only song I wanted to hear was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's cover version of "Stories For Boys". I'm sure that performance rocked everybody's knickers off that night!!!!!

Anyone hear of any of these Mp3's floating around the net??? I'd appreciate any leads or whatever...

Speaking of B.R.M.C...they're an excellent band!!!! I think it's about time America produced a great band....Interpol + B.R.M.C. are giving Amerika some hope in the music scene. It's about time!!!!!!
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Is anybody else here insulted that many people have only heard of songs like Beautiful Day, Elevation and Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of?
I think there are more songs out there that deserved more knowing.
*sniff sniff*