June 17th, 2003

Attention, has anybody else heard this.

Q107 in Toronto has stated from a reliable sources that U2 and Rush are being courted by the Rolling Stones to play the benefit concert that they are putting on this summer in Toronto. For those of you who don't know, the Stones are putting on a free concert in Toronto in benefit of the slumping tourism dollars due to SARS. Has anybody else heard this??? The concert is scheduled for July 30th, and will take place at Downsview Station area (Same place where the Pope had his Mass in Toronto)
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So since this is a U2 community, I thought I'd vent to all of you because I'm sure many of you (if not all of you) would understand.
I fell in love with U2 the first time I heard them blasting from my older brother's room when I was in the 3rd grade. To this day "With or Without You" stands as the only song that has ever brought me to tears and "All I Want is You" will be my wedding song, no question. I would give ANYTHING to see them live, but whenever I've tried tickets have always a) sold out in .5 seconds or b) been too expensive for me. I love every album they've made (even Pop haha) because they're all so unique and can match any mood I happen to be in, and I'm so pathetic that whenever I watch a tape/dvd of them performing I start to tear up because I wish I were there so badly, seeing them in person, hearing bono, feeling the emotion.
If any of you have any stories/experiences about U2 (seeing them live, meeting them, etc.) please comment because I would love to hear them :)


random thought

i think that what i've always loved most about U2 (in my 4-year old fandom in my 17-year old life) is that...they're not just a band. i can easily say i love coldplay and pink floyd...but it's as if for so many of us, U2 becomes a religion...and bono is god hehe. even watching them in concert doesn't just entertain you, it deeply moves you. sometimes i wish i had been growing up during the 80s so I could have grown up with the band...all i can do now is just watch their evolution through the years...it's just that i love how they've just grown and evolved so much...and that there's a spirit to their need for growth that doesn't seem contrived. all hail U2!!!!!!!! :)
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