June 26th, 2003


U2 Frontman Bono Targeted With Death Threats
Thu Jun 26,11:00 AM ET

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U2 frontman Bono has tightened the security around him after being sent death threats in the mail. Twenty-four letters containing the threats, as well as racial insults and foul language, have been sent from London to Bono's management company in Dublin, Ireland, over the past two years.

The letters make reference to Bono's ongoing work in Africa against international debt, famine, and AIDS (news - web sites), according to the U.K. newspaper, the Sunday Mirror.

Among the threats in the letters are, "You have been warned and you and your do-gooder friends had better watch out. F--k the foreigners and help your own people," and, "If this carries on you will end up in a box."

Britain's Royal Mail service is conducting an investigation, and Scotland Yard has also become involved. Authorities will examine the letters and envelopes for fingerprints or DNA evidence to identify the sender, who will then be subject to formal charges and a possible jail term.

Bono has been advised of the problem, but the newspaper quotes a friend who says, "He is a key player in the campaign to end Third World debt, and will not be silenced by death threats."
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