July 5th, 2003

And the winner is...

... sellyoursoul!

I took an idea from a random give-away I won here a few months ago, and had my girlfriend pick a number 1-4. Well... she choose #4! LOL And your reply was the 4th to the post... so congrats!

You can email me privately at MamaSass22@aol.com or IM the same SN with your address, and I'll get the discs off to you STAT. =D (Now I'm off to pilfer more of your icons!)
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"Is Life Like a Tightrope Hangin' from the Ceiling?"

I'm rediscovering the Boy album and realizing how tragically gloomy and depressing it is for a debut album. Most recently I've been looking through old articles from the archives about some of the songs on the album. I used to listen to the record and never get anything out of it. These past few days I've come to a realization of how terribly sad, depressing, and grey it is. Even a track like "Electric Co." having a reference to the controversial Electro Convulsive Therapy in the late '60s and into the '70s is far out there! "Shadows and Tall Trees" in a subtle way still references Ian Curtis of Joy Division's suicide at the tender age of 23 while referring to the uncertainty and savagery of youth in a chapter of William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies. I have more to pontificate on but I don't want to bore any of you youngins' out there!

Boy is an amazing album. Give it a listen but don't drink at the same time.

Ahhhhhhh!!! **Rages and kills her current journal layout**

Okay, I need help from you picture-collecting, layout-making talented people here. In a word... I have NO time right now how to learn Adobe or Jasc (the only image editors I have anymore), but I am S.I.C.K. of my current image for my journal layout. I made that thing way back in JANUARY!

What I'm pleading for here is somebody to make me a new background. U2-group or Bono themed, Full size, 1024 x 768, picture on the left half, place for journal text itself on the right (see my current layout for example). The actual placing into the layout and changing of colors, links, etc. I can do on my own... I just need an image for the background. As of yet, I haven't gone hunting for one in particular... I thought I see if anybody had any good suggestions of things willing people here already have.

He'p meh! Peas?

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