July 25th, 2003

lightning like me

With or Without Zooropa

*big sigh*

My Zooropa cassette tape seems to be on its death bed...as it struggles through my stereo...giving me a tired "I'm ready to jam and all" sound. Booooo!! I've never bought it on CD, simply because I can't afford it! Guess I'll just have to add it to my long list of CDs-to-get-someday-when-I-have-money...unless there's an amazing rich funky person out there who wants to go to my WishList and buy it for me...? hehe.

It's not my favourite song on the album...but the intro to "Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car" is my favourite bit of the album! Just rocks me out!

Oooo...in my local newspaper tomorrow there is gonna be a feature article on Bono! The ad for it reads...

"Even by rock star standards, these are not modest goals - to make beautiful music, and to save the world. Meet Bono."

Coolnesss. If it's any good...I'll post it here.
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Hello I am new to this community. Here is the link for my favourite U2 website www.atu2.com. Check out the 'Answer Guy', he answers fans questions. Here is one of my favoutites:

"From: Charles

Bono's hair -- is it or is it not a hairpiece? In some pictures, he looks like he's balding and then he's got a full head of hair...what gives?

Dear Charles:

After clothing-related Qs, Bono's hair is a close second in popularity.

Here's the scoop: In 2000, MTV replayed the famous Live Aid concert on its 15th anniversary. As all U2 fans know, there were many highlights. But it wasn't the Hooters or Hall and Oates, or even a reunited Led Zeppelin that stole the show. The case can be made that Queen got the greatest crowd response, but for my money, Live Aid will be remembered as the day that U2 began taking over the world. A task they haven't finished pursuing yet.

As Bono and the boys were watching the replay on TV, they were horrified at the ill-advised mullet hairstyle that Bono had worn. Here was the single greatest concert of our times and the most eloquent front man in rock 'n' roll was parading around with a blonde-tinged, puffy, short on top, long in back haircut that nowadays we wouldn't force on our worst enemy. The boys began having an argument while watching it.

Larry yelled at Bono, while mentally counting up the extra money they could have made as a touring act in the '80s if Bono had worn a suitable haircut. Many experts believe that the band's jump from 3,000 seat venues to 15,000 seat arenas would have happened much sooner, if the public's perception of the band wasn't a bunch of wacky Irishmen who waved white flags, climbed scaffolding and had what appeared to be several dead rodents on their heads. As the argument continued, Edge remained quiet as he longed for the days when he actually had a head of hair. At this point in his life, Edge would gladly accept a mullet if one were made available to his scalp. Adam was also strangely quiet as he remembered both his own checkered past as the only blonde guy in Dublin with an 8-inch afro during the Boy sessions, or more likely, he was fondly remembering that all the groupies who were rendered nauseous by Bono's hair eventually found their way to Adam's dressing room.

It was clear that this argument over Bono's mullet was 15 years in the making and tempers exploded. Bono stood up and defiantly said, "Will you guys shut up if I shave my head now?!" The band agreed and razors were brought out. When Bono's dome was properly shiny, they all had a pint (except for Adam) and considered the matter closed.

But a funny thing happened. Whether it's his age or his constant travels or his love of curry, Bono's hair was simply not growing back. The sides came in, but a large circle at the crown of his head remained hairless. He considered this a sort of cosmic joke from the hair gods who were likewise unhappy with his blatant disregard for their feelings while wearing that infamous mullet.

He consulted high-priced specialists, but no one could help. In the end he turned to Hollywood stylist Stephanie Sheppard, who had somehow made a completely bald Bruce Willis seem as if his hair was thinning normally in The Sixth Sense. Sheppard devised a hairpiece system that would be durable enough to sustain the tugging and petting of which U2 fans are often guilty. She also found a way to make it appear lifelike as he runs around the heart or puts his fingers through it. Occasionally there are missteps. Witness his unmoving mane during the Superbowl performance. But for the most part, only educated eyes can usually pick out its falseness.

Bono is happy for the secret to finally be out. Don't be surprised if he appears at the next tour completely shaved. Or he may begin the Bono-Edge competition for best looking quality headgear. "
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I just watched the U2 Simpsons episode again earlier and I just can't get over how freakin' hilarious it is! The entire band is just making fun of Adam the whole time.

Bono: Now hold it, people, he's talking about waste management...that affects the whole DAMN planet!
Edge: Ah, here we go. *to Larry* What do you say we slip out to Moe's for a pint?
Adam: Can I come?
*Edge and Larry look at each other*
Edge: No.

Adam: Look guys, I got a Springfield spoon for my spoon collection!
Edge: Ah, here we go.
Bono: How many spoons have you got now, Adam?
Adam: 9! If I didn't have my spoons I'd go insane.
Bono: May I see it? *takes spoon and throws it over his head*
Adam: My spoon!!!

Classic! *dies of laughter*