July 26th, 2003


Yeah so I don't want to sound corny or take up too much space but I just wanted to say a quick thing to everyone in this community that I think needs to be said: you guys rock. Of all the communities that I'm a member of, this one is by far the best, and I'm really glad that I joined. I love posting something and then getting a ton of responses, all of them positive/supportive. And besides having a wonderful taste in music, everyone here is so damn nice.

So give yourselves a round of applause and a pat on the back. You guys rule ;)

a semi-poll...

note: there's another related poll posted soon after this, so you might want to answer that instead

just curious to see what people think...you know how a lot of songs can be categorized by the kind of effect it has on you? well, i'm just curious to know...

U2's best "falling head over heels in love with someone" song:
U2's best anarchist, "fight the power" song:
U2's best old-timer's song:
U2's best wide-eyed dreamer's song:
U2's most cynical song:
U2's most depressing song:
U2's most surreal song:
U2's most musically driven song (even if the lyrics don't do it for you):
U2's most lyrically driven song (even though the music's not mind-blowing):
U2's most somber song:
U2's most uplifting song:
U2's most danceable song:
U2's most gospel-infused song:
U2's most emotionally intense song:
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