July 27th, 2003

this should make it clearer...

wow! lots of responses to my most recent post...i was kinda motivated to know what other people listened to when they got into a certain mood, and since i'm suffering from some severe insomnia, i think that if i re-post this in another way...more people will understand it...

which U2 song do you listen to when you're feeling...

head over heels in love with someone:
like a wide-eyed dreamer:
musically oriented:
lyrically oriented:
like u wanna bust a move:
emotionally intense:

and some new ones,

morally impassioned:
horny (hehe, i had to ask):
especially youthful:
decadent (in a lazy way):

eh, i just find this really interesting. it's fascinating to find out what other U2 fans put on when they're feeling a certain way...and to see how differently people react to certain songs...

but hey, that's the beauty of U2, isn't it?
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I had gotten a few requests to edit some of the pictures in the Bono moodtheme, as well as adding a black border around the pictures. If you'd like to use this revised version, the new set of instructions are behind the cut.

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Lastly, if you think that a different picture that would make a better mood, feel free to email me. As long as I agree with the suggestion I'll upload the picture to overwrite the old one. :)
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a thought...

Yeah so back to that U2 Simpsons episode again...the past few times I watched it I could have sworn that the guy who says "Where the hell have you been?" to Homer (the potato man) was Paul McGuinness. So the last time I watched it I looked in the credits and as a guest voice a Paul MacGuinness is listed.

Any thoughts?

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I just ordered Stealing Hearts at a Travelling Show, the big picture book of all of U2 album art from Four 5 One in Dublin heheh. Had a little confusion converting Euros to dollars but all is okay now. Can't wait to get it. Will promptly drool and giggle and jump for joy the moment I get it.
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U2 and Simpsons

Okay... I am pretty sure we have all seen the ep of The Simpson's where U2 guest stars. The whole Trash Man, thing... however, while browsing IMDB like I am prone to do, I noticed that U2 also guest starred on another ep of The Simpsons, like in season 13 or something... has anyone seen this??


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