August 1st, 2003

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Hi Guys & Gals.....

This is just a note to let you know that now each month there will be a specific moderator on duty that you can direct questions or complaints to - although you can still e-mail any one of us at anytime.

The moderator on duty for the month of August is arcmorality

In light of some recent events we will be paying much more attention to individual threads. We are truly sorry for any problems anyone was subject to by participating in the U2 LJ community discussions. We will try to make sure it doesn't happen again!

u2 license plate sightings= fun times.

I can't believe I had totally forgotten about this. So the other day I'm at this animal shelter that I work at as I'm driving off towards home I see this car pull up. Oh and what did the license plate say but "U2 WLKON"! I had to do a double take I was like WOAH! lol. I've grown out of that phase where I scream everytime I see u2ness but when still sometimes when I see such unexpected u2ness it is so very cool! I might have said something to the driver had I not been driving off but oh well. oh dude so now actually I know of TWO u2 license plates in the area. Anyone here from Hampton Roads, VA area with the license plate "U2 WLKON"?!!

hehehe yeah I guess I'll always be a u2 dork no matter what. :P
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    i hear madonna coming from the other room. hehe :D