August 2nd, 2003


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Even though U2 will forever be my favorite band and the reason I live, I love all kinds of music and bands, particularly punk and particularly H20. Everytime I see their show they cover a U2 song because the bassit, I believe, is a huge U2 fan ((and can be seen wearing a vintage U2 concert tee on the album cover of "Go")). So tonight was no different. I could hear the bass line of "With or Without You" being played, but I didn't want to get excited for nothing. Then Toby, the lead singer, annouced they were gonna play some good 'ol U2 and I freaked. "With or Without You" is the single song I cry to, the single song that changed my life, and they played it. The whole band was singing it, while me and about 2 other people in the crowd sang along. It was purely magic that a punk band from NY could play a love song from an Irish group. Gotta love it.

P.S. -- About the license plates, if you live in jersey, watch out for me and my "U2 GRRL" plates coming in 10 weeks or so hehe.
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Technical Question...? recently I got a new computer with a CD Burner and DVD drive...and I'm wondering if anyone here knows if you can copy DVD audio onto CDs or make mp3s out of it??

I wanna make an audio CD of the Elevation DVD and Rattle & Hum DVD so I can listen to them in my car and stuff. Does anyone know if this is possible...and how to do it??
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I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in seeing this, but I thought I'd share anyway. This is a drawing I just recently completed of Bono. It's all done in pencil, and the scan doesn't really show exactly what it looks like but it's close enough. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Rachel

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