August 7th, 2003

The North Sea


Here's something for all us Joshua Tree lovers....

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The September issue of the UK magazine UNCUT will feature U2 in a story
titled "How the West Was Won - The Making of The Joshua Tree." The free CD
that comes with the magazine will have a "Lost Highway - The Music That
Inspired The Joshua Tree" theme. In the UK and environs, the September issue
is scheduled to hit stores on September 4th. Look for it a couple weeks
later in the U.S. and wherever else it's distributed. (Thanks Dave for the
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Yeah so I was watching Colin Farral (sp?) on TRL before and Carson was asking him if the press hounds him in other places besides around here and he said they do everywhere, even in Dublin. Then Carson said that "when we were drinking with bono and the boys from U2 in Dublin, everyone just kind of left them alone, ya know let them do their own thing" or something alone those lines.

Then I pictured Carson Daily drinking with U2 and it kind of bothered me.

Anyone else?

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when U2 played the Oscars, at the end of THTBA, did Larry start into the first few bars of Sunday Bloody Sunday?

i think he did, but i cannot be entirely sure :/


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i had this kick ass dream that Bono was my best friend. we just hung out the whole day, and when he left he told me to call him.

its nice to think that maybe someone that awe inspiring could be one of your buddies.