August 10th, 2003


The U2 chat room

Hi everyone, just to remind you (or let you know, if you're kinda new) that there is an official chat room for this community, which can be found at Originally it was the chat room for people on the U2 newsgroups (hence the name) but in the LiveJournal era it was extended to people from this forum as well. It's been ages since anyone actually used the chat room there, so we're hoping to bring it back to life. If people would like to suggest times for scheduled chat sessions, that's cool, otherwise feel free to pop in there whenever you think of it. Hopefully we can have some fun in there like we used to!
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Strokin' It!
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"Time Is A Train"

The NEW ALBUM will leak out soon.

I can imagine by January 2004 some leakage of snippets will occur. A NEW SINGLE should be out by then. If they want to TOUR by next SUMMER then the album should be released around March 2004 and touring begins in late April/May 2004.

13 years of noticing such patterns with this band. You can't go wrong. I won't be fooled! No Solar for me.