August 13th, 2003


Around about this time I often make a telephone call....

I'm crossposting this from the MacPhisto community as I haven't had much of a response there....


Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a comprehensive list of all the MacPhisto phone calls from the Zoo tour. I've managed most of it, thanks to the U2 Live book and a few other resources, but I still seem to have some gaps. If anyone knows who MacPhisto phoned at the following shows, please let me know!

15th May - Lisbon, Portugal (Estadio Jose Alvalade)
19th May - Oviedo, Spain (Estadio Carlos Tartier)
29th May - Werchter, Belgium (Festival Grounds)
2nd June - Frankfurt, Germany (Waldstadion)
15th June - Berlin, Germany (Olympiastadion)
26th June - Paris, France (Hippodrome de Vincennes)
30th June - Basel, Switzerland (St Jakob's Stadion)
7th July - Rome, Italy (Stadio Flaminio)
9th July - Naples, Italy (Stadio San Paulo)
23rd July - Budapest, Hungary (Nep Stadion)
12th August - London, England (Wembley Stadium)
16th November - Adelaide, Australia (Football Park)
1st December - Christchurch, New Zealand (Lancaster Park)

Thanks ever so much if you can help. If you can point me in the direction of sound clips, even better!  (I already have the ones from the MacPhisto Calling website.)

P.S. Does anybody happen to know who used to own a site called Lemon Haze on  It had a number of streamed MacPhisto clips, including one (from Denmark, I think) that I've never come across anywhere else.

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Ahahahah. I just found this humourous. My friend Phil and I were talking and then, this:

Phil(3:22:35 AM): this one time, my friend caitlin (she's a diehard U2 fan also) were talking, and I called her "one bad mofo"
Phil(3:22:40 AM): and she pointed out all 3 of those are U2 song names