August 16th, 2003

My Backwork

Just a couple of things!

Is anyone here interested in joining in on the U2 chat room?
If you are please go to and join that group! It is just way cool there because of the voice chat option, yaknowwhatah mean Vern? ;) Maybe for the USA members a chat could start at 6/pm pst - 9/pm est ? I am not sure what would be a good time for the Euro's to schedule chats - someone in Europe would have to help figure that out! Annie & Nicky what would be a generally decent time for people to stop in? Nicstar, howbout the Aussies? Input anyone?

Also, I've got 9 spare LJ activation codes if anyone would like to invite a friend to join LJ! Just email me at u2wildhoney at, ok?

out of curiosity

Am interested to know what other U2 sites you peruse reguraly..

I'm not after a complete list of U2 sites out more interested in where you go and why, for what purpose, and what it is you like about that place as opposed to others that may offer the same info. I have my regular places, am happy with those, am not looking for other places to frequent. Just curious about others' tastes.