August 21st, 2003


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I created a community for one of my favorite bands, also one of the more important deathrock bands of the late 70's/early 80's, the Virgin Prunes. Regular info updates will be up on re-release info, as well as interviews from ex-band members, and any other related info. For fans of U2, I recommend you joining since they were/are heavily involved in the forming and changes of the Irish rock phenomena


Bono's Cover Version

From The Mirror's 3am column today:

"How's about that for sun block. U2's singer Bono strolls across the beach at St Tropez in full rock star regalia - making sure his flesh stays a whiter shade of pale.

The Irish rocker couldn't bring himself to remove his trademark hat - or his body-boiling black shirt and strides.

At least he managed to swap the cowboy boots he lives in for some sandals. Perhaps he is trying to prove he is the coolest man in rock.

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AD // hop-ons

Mood theme.

The new Bono mood theme doesn't seem to be working. It appears that Netscape disabled hotlinking.

I'd like to give HUGE thanks to Kate for uploading the theme to her server. I've edited the instructions to incorporate the new URLs for the mood theme pictures.

To preview the set: click here.

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2. Go here: Admin Console (this link will open in a new window so you can finish reading the instructions)
3. In the box, enter moodtheme_create "Bono theme - Take 2" "Bono theme" and then click "execute".
4. The next page says, "Success. Your new moodthemeid=#." This number is very important, so jot it down. Don't close this window!
5. Go to NotePad, or whichever word processing program that you pasted the code into.
6. Replace all of the "15948" to that number you jotted down earlier.
7. Go back to the browser window you left open. In the box under where it gave you your mood icon set number, copy and paste all the codes from your word processing program. (remember that all the 15948 should be changed to your number). Click "execute".
8. If you did everything correctly the page should say, "Data Inserted" over and over. If something went wrong, it'll say, "Failed! You do not own this theme!" This just means somewhere down the line you've screwed up - go and start from the beginning.
9. Now that you've got your new mood theme all inserted and such, you should go here.
10. In the drop down menu where you usually pick your mood theme, choose "Bono theme - Take 2". It's at the end of the list.
11. Click "Save Changes".

If you do decide to use this theme, please leave a comment; however, it's not mandatory. I just like to know who is using my theme. :)
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