August 28th, 2003



I was just looking up U2 stuff on Google, and I found this page that was in Portuguese, so I asked Google to translate it. I cracked up when I saw Larry quoted as saying "I find that I have a skill to detect excrement."
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The North Sea

U2 chat

So we've been holding U2 chat sessions several times over the last few years. We're hoping to make it a regular thing now. We had one last Saturday which in the end was fairly successful. But going on past chat sessions, it could be even better.

I've thrown in the idea of holding the chat on a Sunday. Starting time around 9pm UK time.
We hold the chat here at the U2 newsgroups yahoogroup page.

Just looking for some feedback for a Sunday chat session, is anyone interested?
Would be nice to get some sorta regular thing going with the U2 Newsgroup/Live Journal community members for those who enjoy chatting with fellow fans.
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VP/U2 related release [x-posted in virgin_prunes

From Gavin

Monday, August 25, 2003

It's alive! is online

The Irish Hospice Foundation's website to promote the Peter and the Wolf project has just gone live.

Point your browser at:

The boxed set containing a CD by Friday/Seezer and book by Bono can be ordered from the site as well as a Christie's fully illustrated catalogue for the auction of Bono's illustrations.

Ordering from (instead of Amazon) ensures no money goes to 3rd parties.
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Chat poll

In order to try and determine interest levels and the best times for our scheduled U2 chat at the Yahoo Group, here is a poll...

Poll #173631 Yahoo chat sessions

Would you be interested in attending a U2 chat session occasionally?

Maybe / Depends

If yes, what day(s) and times would be most convenient for you? (e.g. Saturday evenings, Sunday afternoons...)

If you have any other comments or suggestions relating to the chat, feel free to post a comment. It's difficult to find a time that is good for a whole range of people, so the more feedback we get, the better.