August 31st, 2003

Floating Rocks

Signs of things to come

Today, I'd been using the Wayback Machine to explore past editions of and came across an interesting and rather thought-provoking poll: What recent song do you hope is a sign of things to come?

This poll comes from way back in December of 1998, when we'd just seen the release of the first Best of and were anticipating the band's next move. (As you can see, "Mofo" and "North and South of the River" tied at 37%.)

The question is well worth posing again, seeing as we're between the second Best of and the next "next album" :D

What recent song do you hope is a sign of things to come?

(I think "recent" could also include A- and B-sides from ATYCLB, as well; it's material from the most recent LP, after all!)
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Jenny Lewis - Smile

Icon Donation

If you like either of these (which, as you can see, are just a color and B&W version of the same picture), please comment and credit. Also, for those interested, I have two Colin Farrell icons available in my journal as well (the first is kind of an inside joke, and the second is also "How the Irish...") plus some random ones inspired by Chris Cornell songs from Euphoria Morning.

Anyway, without futher ado...

If you take, I hope you enjoy. :)

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New Community: The Dalton Brothers


My friend & fellow U2 fan simu2fan suggested I tell you all about this new u2 community specifically devoted to the best opening act ever: the dalton brothers!

It's fairly sparse with only one post and a request for any video footage of them performing, so, come on down and tell us if you've ever seen the dalton brothers or wish you had (like me)!

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