September 29th, 2003

cherry trees

Newbie alert.

Hi, I'm new and I just wanted to post an intro and a quick question. I'm 25, live outside Washington, D.C, and I've been a big U2 fan since I was 14 or so. My favorite songs by them right now are "Walk On," "Bad," and "Stay."

My question is this: I was pretty active on the Prodigy U2 board and the U2 mailing list Wire in 1994-96, and I'd love to hook up with anyone who might have posted with me then. (I was starting college and just kind of lost touch with a bunch of people.) My first name is Elisabeth, and I had a email address back then. Friend me if you wanna talk...


Hi everyone!

I, like everyone else here, love U2. Clearly.

Short bit of info about me. My name is Katie. I grew up listening to U2. I'm a 19 yr old college student from Illinois. I will hopefully be studying abroad in the wonderful U2 homeland - Ireland, during fall 2004 semester.

I highly doubt I'll get to know all 400+ of you in this community, but nonetheless ... I'm happy to be part of it.

As for favourite U2 song? -looks at her username- "So Cruel." Without a doubt. 'Course there are plenty others! Any U2 fan knows that. ;)
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