October 1st, 2003


Mod on duty + general community info

Each month there is a specific moderator on duty in the U2 community, that you can direct questions or complaints to - although you can still email any of the mods at any time.

The moderator on duty for the month of October is larrysgirl


For the benefit of any newbies, here is a quick summary of our community guidelines designed to keep everyone happy:

~ Posting images is discouraged as it leads to slow loading of pages. Please either use u2photos instead, or place any images behind a descriptive cut tag.

~ Try to avoid cluttering the community with quiz results as some people find them annoying. Place them behind a cut tag, and please attempt to confine them to a single thread, rather than everyone making separate posts.

~ Similarly, any off-topic discussion should be hidden behind a cut tag stating that it's OT, so people can easily skip the post if they choose.

~ If you have any questions about posting, appropriate content, or problems with other members, don't hesitate to email one of the moderators - see the community info for details.

Thanks for your cooperation and we hope you continue to enjoy the U2 community. :)
Floating Rocks

Follow-up on IALW remix

A little while ago, the "Nightmares on Wax" remix of "In a Little While" was mentioned... but I don't believe anybody'd actually heard the mix.

'Til now. Courtesy the "off-the-record" column over at atu2.com (I always feel funny saying "at atu2.com"), where I found mention of the download site, and u2web.org, which IS the download site, here's the remix.

My personal impressions: although I wasn't sure just what to make of it at first, it did grew on me... yes, in a little while, it did!
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