October 6th, 2003

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haven't seen it in a while but in "mrs. doubtfire" i believe there's a U2 poster hanging on the older daughter's bedroom wall. anyone else catch that?

i love when movies/tv shows display their love for U2
just makes me feel all warm inside...
original jackson (courtesy of sharoo)
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Bono and Heather Graham

were on E! Celebrities Uncensored 11. When I was flipping the channels and saw a preview I was like "whaa, Bono's on that shit show?" And he was!

Of course I had to see it (and tape it).

So I'll give you all a play-by-play:

Heather's been party-hopping. "Then, later that night, Heather exits with rocker Bono. Were they...canoodling?" smirks the narrator.

Umm...yeah, not!

She walks out, Bono's not too far behind. He signs some autographs for fans. Walks behind Heather. People are screaming "Bono rocks, dude, whoo!" He's carrying a drink, walks around not paying too much attention, though he does look at people.

Stupid narrator: "We're not sure, but Heather ends up in the backseat alone, despite there being plenty of room for two...hmm, maybe they're just friends after all."

Bono looks around, hands Heather her drink. Bono has a small American flag that he's waving in the vehicle and then outside the window.

Paparazzi is still after them. Some fan comes up and touches his shoulder. He waves the flag. Narrator: "But for an Irishman, Bono sure loves the USA." Paparazzi: "Thanks, Bono." Bono: makes peace sign

The end.

I'm sure you can catch it a billion times if you want (E! likes to repeat these things). It was very silly.

Not sure exactly when the whole paparazzi incident was.
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