October 17th, 2003

  • melst

Superstar U2 Sims

Howdy U2 & Sims fans,

I just wanted to let y'all know that I was *finally* able to upload each individual member of U2 as Studio City townies. The skins are based on what I call my "Best Of" collection (post-Elevation, pre-Solar???). I have been told that my Larry head is not the best (I highly value constructive criticism, btw), so I'm going to attempt to redo him, provided I can find a really good recent pic of him. *hint hint* I've also had a request for a Bono head without sunglasses. Again, I need to find a good pic... Anyway, here's the link (scroll way down): U2SiMaster's SimPage.

Also, coming soon (when I have the time), I want to actually create new "celeb" gear for my U2 Sims so that they don't have to wear those lame default ones.

-Mel :)
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I'm really intrigued by that "Womanfish" song. The track is what I would like to classify as 'speed-country'. Many of you have probably heard of 'speed metal' but I think "Womanfish" is U2's attempt to go at it full-throttle when they were trying to record the JT album. The song is also reminscent of a Butthole Surfers type of tune. Senseless, fast, and quite furious!:P

Another rare song that goes unrecognized.......