October 26th, 2003


This might be really cheezy and random, but lately a lot of crap has been happening in my life and stuff. I find that when I listen to U2's songs - it makes me feel so much better. Like, I dunno. It's lame. But I had to say it!
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    "Everlasting Love" by, U2
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  • hapavox

"Whole Albums Played Live"

I think the band should play out whole albums worth of material. They should take out a page from the Cure who played their Trilogy(Pornography, Disintegration, Bloodflowers) albums in full, in order last year in 3 shows in Berlin. U2 should do the same...how about The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and All That You Can't Leave Behind played in full live? All the songs in the albums played.

I mean, I don't want really want the band to copy Robert "I-Sold-Out-To-Hewlett-Packard-by-Letting-Them-Use-Pictures-of-You-Track-For-A-Tv-Commercial" Smith. Yet, this whole album live idea is something that U2 should consider in the near future when taking vitamins will likely be a daily habit.

The clock is ticking.:P