October 27th, 2003

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so i finished AT THE END OF THE WORLD a few days ago..

everyone was right, it really is a great book.. insightful to the little things that make them U2...

what about a part 2? the POPMART years.. id loved to feel how things were during those times...
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Anybody in Eire see this tonight??

From www.atu2.com

October 27, 2003
posted by: m2
Ireland's TV-3 aired a 30-minute programme tonight titled U2 Go Home, which served as a promo for the upcoming release of the Slane Castle home video. The programme included five songs from the video (in order): Until The End Of The World, New Year's Day, Where The Streets Have No Name, Stuck In A Moment, and One. @U2 reader Dave H. shared this recap of the programme, in comparison to the hourlong Slane mini-concert which aired on TV worldwide a year ago:

"The first thing I noticed was the quailty and the sound of this broadcast are 100 times better than the TV show was last year, as this was broadcast in widescreen and the TV show was not. Also two things I questioned from the actual concert which may be cut were not: 1. During "Until the End of the World", Bono brought a photographer on stage. I though this would be cut, it wasn't. 2. During "New Year's Day", Bono wraps an Irish flag around himself and says "For just once, I'll be Jason McAteer." This was in honor of McAteer, who scored a goal for the Irish soccer team which beat the Netherlands earlier that day. The match was shown on the screens in Slane."

We're not aware of this programme being shown in any other countries between now and the video release next month. If you see it in your local TV listings, please let us know! (Thanks Dave.)