November 15th, 2003


peter and the wolf.

A new version of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf is now available in the United States. The music comes in a boxed set with a storybook illustrated by Bono. The rendition does away with the orchestra and instead brings the story to life with a mandolin, banjo, accordion, and percussion of all kinds. NPR's Melissa Block talks with musician Gavin Friday.

here is a link to the story that i heard on the radio today. worth a listen, if you didn't hear it the first time around.

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i was at and i wanted to watch some video clips (particularly the one from the halftime show) but i'm not sure how to download them. when i simply try to play them it's a lost cause because of all the buffering. can somebody help me out and tell me what to do? thank you.


Hi everyone!! I just found this lovely livejournal community! I've been a U2 fan ever since I can remember. It's wonderful to see that there are other people like me out there that are inspired and healed by their music....The goal is soul...
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