November 19th, 2003

Strokin' It!
  • hapavox

"Slane DVD"

I must say that I'm very pleased with the Slane footage on the DVD. It has a cinematic feel compared to the Boston DVD release. The letterbox format is interesting. Overall, the Slane footage captures the band in all their glory. The performance of "Kite" was very powerful. I couldn't help but get a bit choked up as Bono was struggling to sing the song while trying to hold back his tears as it seems. You literally see all the emotion in his eyes with the great close-ups during this song.

Though I'm still not sure why "Mysterious Ways" was included as the 'Bonus Track'. The Making of the Unforgettable Fire Documentary was a great bonus. Considering that my original The Unforgettable Fire Collection VHS tape is rotting somewhere in a box, it was great to see it again. For some reason I don't recall the footage of Bono playing bass on the demo sessions for "Boomerang"(B-side to "Pride" 12inch single) along side Adam in one of the castle rooms when I first saw the original documentary. All along I thought he was holding an electric guitar instead of a bass. Interesting....

It would've been nice to see this concert on a giant IMAX screen somewhere. Now, I'm looking for Easter Eggs on this DVD. I know it's early but anybody find any special codes for this DVD already?