November 20th, 2003


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Does anyone on here know if U2 has ever played "The Ground Beneath Her Feet" live? If so....Would anyone know where I could find a bootleg of it? I absolutely love this song.
Floating Rocks

When Irish Guys are Smiling...

Remember when @U2 had a poll up asking visitors why they thought "Mysterious Ways" was left off the Slane Castle DVD tracklisting? One of the options (I forget the others; would anyone care to re-enlighten me?) was "Larry was caught smiling."

Well, sure enough, going into the breakdown, Larry has a big ol' grin!

Also, I've noticed the DVD is edited peculiarly at certain points. For example, when Bono sings "burning down love" during the second chorus of WTSHNN, it cuts from a GREAT shot of him with the microphone in his hand while turned towards Larry to an extreme close-up (and there were a lot of those over the course of the video) of Bono singing into the mic, which is still firmly attached to the mic stand. How very peculiar, indeed!