November 29th, 2003


46664 concert

Anyone watching the live webcast at the moment?  Bono and Beyoncé sang a duet of American Prayer (African Prayer), with The Edge and Dave Stewart on guitar. Their voices went together really well actually. Then Bono sang the song he wrote with Joe Strummer (I think it's just called 46664?), which was very cool. They just brought Nelson Mandela onstage, so Bono gave him a big introduction and a hug. :o)  Earlier Bono was standing in the background while the presenter woman was babbling on, and you could tell nobody in the crowd was listening to her, as they were going wild every time Bono made a peace sign or "yeah!" gesture. *g*

Edit, 9:40pm: Bono and Edge came back to perform a beautiful rendition of One and Unchained Melody, ZooTV-style! *dies*
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