December 2nd, 2003

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"Look Behind the Drumkit"

The drummer who played for Bono and The Edge during their performance of "One" from the 46664 gig looked like someone that came out of the pages of Hit Parader magazine. He looked like he drummed for Megadeth at one point...long hair and all. It was very surreal watching him drum and bang his head every now and then.

The grumpy drummer boy must have been banging his head too back home in Dogtown. Adam should've tagged along for the gig and played too.
Photo by Jeremiah J White. http://jeremi

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hey all, another newbie.

Been a fan of theirs ever since i heard "mysterious ways" but actually what drove me over the edge (honestly, no pun intended) was when i first heard "lemon"

At the time a lot of my friends said it was the absolute worst u2 song ever, but for some reason i fell in love with it instantly, it just had a very unique sound, just everything was awesome about it. So for that reason "zooropa" was the first u2 cd i purchased.

ever since then i've become a pretty big fan, and i've been fortunate to see them live 3 times. once for the popmart tour and twice more during the elevation tour. quite easily, one of the best acts ever to grace the stage.

anyways enough about my ramblings, nice to meet you guys' glad to have stumbled here!
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I just bought the dvd "The unforgettable journey" and I never knew that they really had to go trough some really rough times. They even got introduced once in london as "V2" :|

I have now even more respect then ever for those guys!


I'm a huge U2 fan(as all of you are too).

I was just wondering if there was anyone CREATIVE out there in this community of hundreds who would like to do my journal U2-Style(background, comments and all). Credit will be given(garunteed).

The purpose: I change my journal theme every so often and I'd love it if someone talented could design a U2 one for me.

If you need details:

This would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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