December 3rd, 2003


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Sorry I didn't post this earlier, but a live webcast interview with Bono is going on right now......and will be posted later on this site.

"Bono talks with Kaiser Family Foundation Senior Visiting Fellow Jackie Judd, former correspondent with ABC News, about the spread of AIDS in Africa. Bono will take questions from the audience and individuals viewing the live webcast from around the world."

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Bono To Receive Humanitarian Honor
Rocker Bono is to be honored for his humanitarian work at a prestigious ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia next year. The U2 frontman will be presented with the accolade at the 2004 King Center Salute To Greatness Awards on January 17, at a dinner hosted by the family of assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King. King's widow Coretta Scott King told reporters that Bono's charity work for the victims of AIDS in Africa and his involvement in the Third World debt relief campaign marked him out among his peers. She enthuses, "We are fortunate this year to honor Bono for exemplifying many of the qualities that my husband, Martin, indicated were imperative to moving our society into the beloved community of which he so often spoke. He has focused mass public attention on the world's poorest continent and lobbied politicians around the globe to take action."
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U2-Live at Irving Plaza DVD (club tour)


I just got this off the internet-bittorrent rocks!

I have to say-the Elevation DVD used to be my favorite, now it’s this one-I simply loved that tour, and I have seen a few, starting with Unforgettable Fire.

Simply a band, stripped down, making incredible music. I am blown away, as I have been for the past 15 years of my life.

Thanks, U2

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Bono was just on CSPAN for an interview about DATA and AIDS in Africa. If you missed it, you can set your VCR For 2:55 AM Easten, when it will be on again. But I'd check my local listings anyway, because, you know, those "Coming Up Next..." things often lie. :)