December 17th, 2003

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U2 Go Home

What a great Dvd! I really enjoyed watching it .. The bonus thingies are also great.. the web cam or something in that way where you can zoom in and turn around to see what you want to see is lovely.. (it's funny to keep your eye on just ONE of the fans or security in that show :P)

Only I think that the irish fans are a bit mean to him..

First someone tries to steel Bono's microphone and you can see him pulling the thing back.
Then he gets toilet paper over him during I believe New years day.
And later someone trows a beach ball in his back ..

What was funny after Desire was that Bono says to The Edge "Oh look Edge, a beach ball" and he kicks the thing away :P

If you don't have this one you should! It's worth it!
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Question re: MP3's & rare songs


I don't much post here, but, well, I just bought some new software so that I can convert my audio files to MP3's and, being the good U2 samaritan that I am, I was thinking of periodically uploading some of my rarer U2 songs to my website & posting them in my LJ for my fellow U2 fans.

But, what I would like to know is:

1. Is this something you would be interested in?

2. What would you consider "rare?" (I know that some of us would consider, say, "Sweet Fire of Love" rare, while others would think, say, "J. Swallow" more rare...)

So, let me hear your feedback! (And please feel free to be totally honest. If no one is interested, it won't hurt my feelings, lol.) :)

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I just have to remind everyone that we need to keep the U2 community on the subject of U2!

Sorry for seeming to be anal retentive... but the rules have always been this way and have to stay this way.