December 21st, 2003

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Hello all.
2 around this time of year, my local radio stations play that "Do They Know It's Christmas?" song a I pathetic because it gets to me? I just LOVE it..the idea of all those people collaborating for a good cause..and especially when I hear Bono's part, I just melttt. "Tonight thank God it's them instead of you.." Awwww!! I know, I know, I'm sad.
2. I am not very in-the-know, apparently..I know there is some sort of Slane Castle DVD or somesuchthing..anyone want to enlighten me, or rather tell me if it's worth purchasing?
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"Charlie Whisker"

I was looking through an old issue of Propaganda #? one night and ran into a familiar name---Charlie Whisker. Ring a bell for anybody here? Actually, the name sounded vaguely familiar until I looked at the liner notes of Zooropa when the band credits him for the original 'baby/babyface' illustration that appears on the actual Achtung Baby cd. It's interesting because Charlie Whisker happens to be a local Dublin Artist who was featured with Bono in some art gallery back in 1986. So, basically they've known this artist for years......

Just an observation.