December 23rd, 2003

  • choucke

Stuck In A Moment..

Last night around 2 a.m I couldn't sleep so I went trough my video-collection of video clips I used to record.. I found my very first U2 tape I made perhaps 2, 2½ years ago and I remember that it was also one night.. I think it was the night of 16th of august and the 17th of august 2001 that I also couldn't sleep (my life was a hell back then) and I checked out the very same tape and back then it only had Elevation on it but I really didn't knew who they were or how the song got on my tape, but I liked it .. I liked it a lot. I wrote down the name U2 and started to watch television. On one channel you could see a "the next 3 video's" list and I saw the name U2. So I watched the first 2 video's and got my tape ready (you never know) and when it started I was shocked.. Bono's voice.. the way he looked.. like he was talking to ME! "You have got to stand up straight. Carry your own weight, these tears are going nowhere baby" Who was he? Tears came into my eyes.. those words are words I will never forget.. those words inspired me. To be myself and I had to stand up for myself. I never felt anything so strong in my whole life. When the song was over I watched the tape over and over and over again. And every time I heard the song, I felt better and stronger. I loved this man but who was he? Back then I never could have think that that song would change my life... forever..

The year 2001 and back were a nightmare for me. I was bullied a lot at school ("You are stuck in a moment, and you can't get out of it") because I am/was different.
I never wanted to go to school because I was afraid.. to be myself.. cause nobody liked the way I am.. I was not like them, if you know what I mean. ("Don't say that later will be better (..)")

That song gave me the power to say to the world "THIS IS ME! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM AND NOT MINE! I AM NOT GOING TO CHANGE FOR ANYONE!" Of course everybody hated me more because of that but I didn't cared at all..

By the day I am getting stronger, I would never be so happy in my life if it wasn't for that one song from U2, what also made me a fan for life, Stuck in a moment.

Thank you U2.

Ps: The story could be a bit confusing.. sorry about that :)
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