December 25th, 2003

  • choucke

The Million Dollar Hotel Soundtrack

Yesterday I watched the movie (again) and later I went to listen to the soundtrack.. but what is very annoying is that the first 3 songs by U2 ( "The ground beneath her feet", "never let me go" and "stateless") are songs that are very relaxing and then you get "Satellite of love" by Milla Jovovich (Eloise in the movie) and it's a beautiful song but what's up with the MONDAY TUESDAY AAAAAAA etc (it's hard to type) I mean it scared the hell out of me :|

Who agrees?

Btw: I LOVE the movie :D
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  • jayelde

For a change...

Covers of U2 songs rarely sit well with me...I generally just don't like hearing anyone else do U2 except for U2.

But my Christmas day came to a close...on the local TV special The Panel - Christmas Wrap (live panel talk show)...Australian Idol final 12ist Robert Mills, aka "Milsy", aka "I dated Paris Hilton one night", did an awesome acoustic rendition (with an acoustic guitar, 12string acoustic guitar and piano) of Where The Streets Have No Name! Performances like that can make me something of a fan of someone I'm not a fan of. heh.

Great way to end the day...mixing one of my favourite songs with my favourite musical style (live acoustic rock).

I can sleep well now.

Merry Christmas. Night.
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