December 28th, 2003

*Innocent, and in a sense I am...*

OK, so I'm new, and I posted this comment a few days ago in response to someone else's entry. I figured, however, that it would more likely be read if I actually posted it as an entry. So sorry for the redundancy, but here it is in case you're interested...

"Hey everyone! I've been following along with this community for a WHILE now, so I figured, while we're talking 16 year olds, it would be a good idea for me to post. So yes, I'm another 16 year old fan. I got my first taste of U2 in the womb. No joke. I was due on November 7, 1987. My parents had tickets for JTree on September 12th. By September 15th, my mom's water broke, and I was born verrry premature on 9/17/87. So I guess I've always been a fan. My real love (some call it an obsession...ha), however, really began during the summer of 2002 before my sophomore year in high school. I don't know if I could pick a favorite album at this point, but I am definitely attached to my Best of 1980-1990. Notwithstanding this attachment, I just can't compare the amazing and unique aspects of all the different albums. Eh, maybe I'll be able to pick when I'm older...: ) Anyhoo, U2's music fulfills a place in my heart that no other music can fill. It is beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring. Thank God for U2.

Thanks for listening!

PS: I got a cherry red electric guitar for Christmas and named it the Edge. : )"
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Sporting events.

Out of curiosity, which U2 songs have you guys heard played at professional sporting events?

I know being raised in a house of NBA fans, I hear Streets at the opening of tons of games. And yesterday I hear Mysterious Ways while watching football. However, I was just wondering how many and which ones have been used that ya'll know about. There must be a lot, or so I'm guessing...

And by the way, thank you all for your input on the cd I'm making ... I used a lot of your common choices! ;)
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(no subject)

oh geez. The football game was on in my house last night and I caught an ad for the new American Idol. Some poor kid totally slaughtered "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" I'm going to have to watch just to see what what's his name, Simon?, has to say. It sounded horrible. No instruments at all to back up, and you really have to have a special voice to sing that song without instrumental help. That, and he just sounded bad!
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Evil Me

The big question....

OK, this should be interesting!

Poll #225717 JT vs AB

Which is the best U2 album, The Joshua Tree or Achtung Baby?

The Joshua Tree!
Achtung Baby!
Nooooooooo, I can't choose!
Neither - some other U2 album is superior!
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Amak Axver
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Guinness Book Of Records 2004

I got the Guinness Book Of Records 2004 for Christmas, and while browsing through, spotted the following U2 mention;

'Most Albums Simultaneously On The US Charts: The most albums in the US Top 200 at the same time by the same artist is seven. The Beatles (UK), The Monkees (USA), and U2 (Rep. of Ireland) all share the record.'

U2 also warranted a mention as one of the artists that performed at a concert in memory of Freddie Mercury (record for largest rock-star benefit concert). Anyone know of any other mentions of U2 in this year's (or any other year's) edition of the Guinness Book?
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