December 29th, 2003


quickie question:

hey, I just got a new computer, and of course I wanted to download my favorite screensaver (the zootv words one) but then alas and alack, it is nowhere to be found! Does anyone no where I can download it? The site I had gotten it from previously doesn't have it anymore... thanks for yer help ;)
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  • rob_dl

(no subject)

On 22 Greatest CDs aired on MTV the other night, The Joshua Tree ranked #5. Metallica's "Black Album", Guns 'n Roses "Appetite for Destruction", Nirvana's "Nevermind", and (surprisingly) Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill" fared better.

Honestly, isn't Joshua Tree earn a deserving #2 spot at least? I mean, of course the fans would vote Nirvana at #1, but Metallica? Guns 'n Roses? Alanis Morrisette? Please.
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  • pinkozz

U2 Single CD

uww.. I'm sooooo proud...

today I was in an old CD shop and found old Single CDs of U2...
I bought a DISCOTHÈQUE Single CD... *smile* ... looks really cool, I think!!

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