December 30th, 2003

Expert advice needed =D

I've decided to get moving and start getting the U2 CD's I don't have but at the moment I only have enough for one, and there's only one bunch of people qualified to help!

Poll #226088 What CD should I get?

Which U2 CD should I get next?

Wide Awake In America

Thanks guys :D
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flowers (offbeat_upbeat)


So, I was just reading here about the number of younger U2 fans there are, and how many of them are 16 (I'm 17 myself). And I started to ponder this......and realized after a moment that 16 years ago would have been the illustrious 1987. Karma? Or did parents around the world replace Barry White with The Joshua Tree? Think what you will...
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  • rob_dl

Pop or Lemon?

Back in the 90's, did they play any songs from Lemon or Pop? I called in the other day to a alternative rock station that played U2 quite often, and requested "Staring at the Sun". They said they don't have that song.

Rock Star of the Year

Bono has come third in a Virgin Radio poll to decide on the rock star of the year.

He was beaten by Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Hawkins from The Darkness(!)

Okaaayyyy... I quite like The Darkness, I think they're funny, but they don't deserve to top Bono in any rock star poll!  Same with Ozzy Osbourne, come to think of it....