January 4th, 2004

  • melst

Best of 1980-1990 video CD

(Note: If this has already been brought up, my apologies. LA isn't the best place to find imports, rarities, etc., but Boston is!!!... Anyhoo...)

At Newbury Comics in Boston I found (what I think to be) a Chinese import of The Best Of 1980-1990. It said on the front "2 video CD." I was like, wtf? No one would guarantee that it was indeed a collection of the actual music videos, though most of the employees assured me that it must be. So... I bought it. (See I kill VHS tapes. They just die. Thus, I've wanted this on DVD, but, alas, have not found one, namely b/c it does not exist -- or so I've been told.) Ergo, I was extremely happy to find what could be a well-preserved version of this excellent collection of U2 videos...

After spending quality time with my parental units, I boarded my non-stop flight, turned on my laptop and put in the first of the 2 CDs. I was, at first, confused, as the file names looked odd, but my genius (haha) hubby tweaked it and Voila! The U2 videos began to play across my lil 12" screen!

But what I really want to know is does anyone else have this or has anyone else heard of this? I just sort of stumbled onto it (in so far as I go straight to the U2 section in every record store -- just in case), but I wasn't looking for it b/c I didn't even know it existed.

Any thoughts?

-Mel :)
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