January 5th, 2004

:O* major barf spewage. (hehe)

ok so I'm flipping through the channels and what is on vh1? britney vs christina and they are talking about their boobs. WTF! remember when vh1 used to have stuff about MUSIC! arg. ok what does this have to do with u2? well they were playing Mysterious Ways. It was so... ewww.
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I am visiting family in Germany and we went to Berlin for the weekend. We were taking the U-Bahn to the Berlin Zoological Garden and I realized that we were riding the U2 train to Zoo Station, which was so amusing to me that I had to take a picture of me under the station name (which sadly didn't come out). Just thought it was a fun incident.

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zuko here, avatar - hello

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I found that when I was browsing around for some U2 aim icons and found a connecting LOTR site...I'm just finding it a little disturbing how well Aragorn's head fits on Edge's body...*shakes head* Haha but guys, who's prettier? Legolas or Larry? ;)

I'm trying to find the actual picture that came from, but I haven't had luck yet. Just thought ppl might find it slightly amusing :P
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