January 18th, 2004

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All right, my family's eating breakfast this morning, and my dad mentions that he read about Bono in the paper and that he stirred up some controversy by using salty language and what not. So I tell him the whole story behind it, and he says that the whole argument about what part of speech he was using is really weak and he proved himself an ignoramus by using that kind of language on television. (My dad's really conservative.) So I said that it is a kind of weak argument, but language is all over television. So then my brother commented on how the guy at the sound board must have fallen asleep if it wasn't censored. And here's what I think is the funny part of this whole story... my dad's reply to that was, "If you're in charge of the sound board and censor, and you see that Bono's on, you should know to stay awake!"

Well, I thought it was amusing. I think my dad is still trying to figure out what I see in Bono and U2 in general. His loss!
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In this weeks Entertainment Weekly:

The magazine did a review of what's coming up in 2004 in movies, tv, music, and books. They mention U2 as one of the critics' choices for music. Here's what they say:

U2, as yet untitles: Will they sustain the momentum of All That You Can't Leave Behind - or will they once again lead themselves astray? We'll know later this year with the arrival of U2's 10th studio album.

10 studio albums - that's incredible. I assume EW is referring to the Pop cd or Zooropa cd when it talks about "going astray?" That's the only period I can see critics not being too fond of. I own the two cds and they haven't quite grown on me yet, either, but I'm starting to appreciate Zooropa more. Anyway, it's not anything big, but it's something. It's exciting!
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Whoo hoo!
Just saw ten minutes of Bono on tv, on c4's the voice.
I ran downstairs very excited to share my joy with the parents.
They didn't get it. Just commented on how old he was looking.

So what.

Strokin' It!
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So the people of Universal Italy say that the album will be out in May 2004. I don't think so.

I don't think there will be a U2 album for 2004 at all. How can there be a completed album if there's no lead singer doing any recording?

It will be like a Guns N' Roses album...it will be forever in the recording stages and people will talk and talk......I think Axl Rose should start singing for U2.

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Anything Goes

Can someone please tell me where the U2 song 'Anything Goes' came from? Is it from their earlier works? Because I've just watched the video and I'm quite confused. o.o
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